Best Riven NA – Riven – Game #1

You can check everything about Best Riven NA in my blog post here: Includes Runes, Masteries, Playlist and other useful links! Best Riven NA is a 14-years old high ELO Riven player. I’ve been watching him for a few weeks and he’s definitely one of the best Riven’s I’ve ever seen so I decided to upload a few games. You can follow his stream at Please subscribe for my daily videos here: Follow me on twitter @LoLjksad Toyz ONLY Playlist: Bebe ONLY Playlist: Watch this video and more in the « Pro Players Gameplay » playlist: Watch my Lee Sin videos and compilations in the « Lee Sin Videos » playlist: Remember to like and share my videos to help me keep uploading good content everyday. Thank you alot for watching. Jksad on Youtube @LoLjksad


25 réponses à “Best Riven NA – Riven – Game #1”

  1. FurionTheDruid dit :

    this kid has potential i’d like to see him play other champs

  2. FurionTheDruid dit :

    lolking (dot) net

  3. stairfall12345678900 dit :

    This kid is too fucking pro holy shitdick an my assfuck

  4. lunchboxboy dit :

    <3 u brna

  5. zenecrotaku dit :

    Attack Damage (Marks)
    Armor (Seals)
    Magic Resist/Level (Glyphs)
    Attack Damage (Quints)

    It’s on his Twitch page.

  6. Cimi Plaayer dit :

    ad red ad quin mr per lvl blu armor yelow

  7. zyra1995 dit :

    darius so noob

  8. thegrim450 dit :

    whats the song at 18:33? its so awsome

  9. IGamingStation dit :

    Nothing special, just the typical runes you would get on an ad caster. xD

  10. IGamingStation dit :

    LMAO, HAHAHAHAHAHHA! Man, people are so fucking retarded in games. They think that once a champion is nerfed, they make the assumption that champion will no longer be viable. Riven got increased ulti cooldowns and hp regen got reduced, yet she is still good. xD I like how BestRivenNA doesn’t give a shit about Riven nerfs.

  11. IGamingStation dit :

    ^ Pretty much this. Riven is called the mobility champion for a reason. Most of the time, I like starting off with armor and pots just because I know as a Riven I am going to get away.

  12. 達升 鄭 dit :

    really cool!!

  13. nedjimb0 dit :

    the way he moves with riven, it’s like she’s an extension of him. This is riven played the way she’s meant to be played, the apex of rivendom

  14. Maximo Jay Wellington dit :


  15. StandingThree dit :

    whats the song at 16:50 everybody down down down everybody dowwn, its addictive

  16. giannishuin dit :

    She’s really best riven NA

  17. Ruben Erdtsieck dit :

    and they changed increased base move speed on every champ a few patches ago

  18. Ruben Erdtsieck dit :

    Hes just mad. And this riven is only 14 so he’s making fun of him.

  19. Ruben Erdtsieck dit :

    This guy is insane the only champ he plays is Riven, and he really lives up to his name. Dyrus on the other hand is 3 times worse imo

  20. Ruben Erdtsieck dit :

    yeah wtf :s

  21. Ruben Erdtsieck dit :

    Abilities dont deal more dmg with ult on they only have extra aoe range.

  22. hedidit55 dit :

    Best riven NA is 14???

  23. StandingThree dit :

    I wanted to watch and learn from Dyrus how to play Riven effectively, he wasn’t strong with Riven so I’m gonna study Riven here. This guy seems like he knows what Riven is able to execue

  24. MegaStyloMilo dit :

    Damn his SICKKK!

  25. Letrikon dit :

    Oh sorry, my bad. Was looking just on links. Ty bro

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