[HACK] League Of Legends – Refund Champion [2013]

A little trick that many people dont know about. (Until i posted on youtube lol) All you have to do is go to www.leagueoflegends.com, go to the support section, create an account and submit the request. *Note – It takes about 1 day for your request to be accepted. na.leagueoflegends.com

26 réponses à “[HACK] League Of Legends – Refund Champion [2013]”

  1. KozyDesigns dit :

    honestly id, just a song u can pick from youtube defaults

  2. dungtri92 dit :

    I just submitted lol hopefully it’s still working , refund rengar XD

  3. mrsugarboy48 dit :

    good question. i’d be pretty pissed if i got 6300 ip >.<

  4. CoreTutoriales dit :

    Does this work ?

  5. Sung kyu Chung dit :

    if u bought it by ip then it refunds in ip. but if u bought it in rp then it refunds in rp

  6. Nightscorpion13 dit :

    does it returns in RP or IP?

  7. Dominik Opacak dit :

    It doesnt work LOL

  8. Gengatommy Pikajosh dit :

    YOUR HACK is awesome dude i refunded elise but i got her back for nothing! (glitch) so yeah nice work dude

  9. Adriel Mc Kenzie dit :

    Im Gonna Try It Now.

  10. Theblackflip dit :

    i refunded a champ just b4 that glitch happened, and bought another hero. To my surprise, i have both heroes! hahahahaah soo good

  11. Theblackflip dit :


  12. whose caresed dit :

    Thanks for the video! :D

  13. whose caresed dit :

    I got suspended for 2 weeks and I don’t troll or do anything wrong. I had 35 helpful 36 friendly, 61 teamwork and 70 honorable opponent. Now I have to defend myself against their support team and now I’m just trying to get my money back. I just plan on going to HON and don’t want anything to have to do with league ever again. After 2 years of no problems here comes honor system and I get suspended? wtf? I been cussed out for wishing someone good luck and I get suspended? I really hate league…

  14. CODBFACify dit :

    Why did they disable the refunds ???

  15. maura0213 dit :

    Riot disables refunds.

  16. maura0213 dit :

    Its a glitch where they disables refunds lol.

  17. Marcus Nørgård dit :

    I had 3 refounds, then i tried to refound this rune i bought by fault, though it wasn’t possible to do that…. and then the next day, at had 0 refounds….
    fail more riot… please

  18. julian suarez cerutti dit :

    what’s the name of the song, i really liked it

  19. Gandalf White dit :

    aha thanks but i also had another bug. first i refounded gragas and i got my money, the day after i had gragas again and i did not lose my money, its not bad :P but i wonder why it is like that

  20. Tobias Kristiansen dit :

    you can only refund once a month :)

  21. Gandalf White dit :

    I HAD 3 refounds i used one and the day after i had 0, do anyone know why???`??

  22. MegaHejssan dit :

    how often do you get this refund « tickets » or do you even get more of these? reply please, quickly as possible.

  23. jokamutta dit :

    you know when refunding will be enabled again ?

  24. TheUnusualPlayer dit :

    em, i dont find it, did they took it out?

  25. gurchinanu dit :

    omfg im not getting pissed cuz ot that, i made my first comment just letting ppl know, then this jackass posts that there isn’t. follow the tree of comments to see and quit being an ignorant bitch

  26. yopbobi dit :

    J’ai récemment gagné 975 RP sur ce site http://www.riot-generator.tk et j’aimerais donc savoir si je risque de me faire ban ou si je risque rien? Merci

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